What can we learn from Adele?

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We can learn that the public will pick up on sincerity in performance.

We can learn that you don’t need beats on your records if you’re a proper songwriter – listen up A&R – don’t mess with it if it’s good.

We can learn that a woman can be a huge success without shaking her booty all over the TV.

We can learn that you don’t have to pay your dues – Adele has only just begun and she’s the biggest solo artist in the world right now.

We can learn that you can still sell 10 million CDs so all the pundits are wrong about that too.

We can learn that the rule is one rule: First make the best record you can and then do everything you feel comfortable with to draw attention to it – in that order.

We can learn that good musicians, good studios, good producers, good artist, good songs, good label, good A&R and good marketing makes a winning team.

And finally we can learn that Tottenham don’t only make great football teams...