My life philosophies did not happen overnight

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My life philosophies did not happen overnight. I did not just waken one day to find I was a realised man.

The first concrete notion I had by myself was to view life as a path I am walking along, not a mountain I am trying to climb. After that, I became aware from those around me that adventure should be real and not dreamed of or imagined. The third thing I decided was not to be afraid, as there was and is nothing to be afraid of. Not God, not people, not pain, not fear itself.

Maybe the last thing I learned was to treat everything that happened to me as a gift, including my blindness. To leap empty handed into the dark with infinite trust.

This year I have had a tumour removed, lost my best friend, played a jazz gig in Buenos Airies, power boated down the rapids in the Brazilian rain forest and, as ever, tried to be truthful.

On a day to day basis being me is demanding. It takes work, it takes courage, it takes the support of friends and I cannot carry their bags as well as my own when my feet are blistered and bleeding. I will drop their bag and break what is inside.

I would never be able to explain to you what it is like being me in any case I don‘t explain and I don‘t complain.

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