University study confirms that listening to music is enjoyable!

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University study confirms that listening to music is enjoyable!

Beware of Academics straying into trendy territory.

A friend of mine alerted me to an article on the web about a ‘major study of the pleasurable effects of listening to our favourite music' - click here to read full article.

To our astonishment this exhaustive study apparently revealed that the pleasure we get from listening to music is real! Amazing!

However before we get carried away I need to tell you that these particular academics were testing the brain responses of their subjects by giving them MRI scans while they were listening to their favourite tunes.

Have you ever had an MRI scan?

You are strapped down and wheeled into a chamber and bombarded by a machine with deafeningly loud monster mechanical noises like war of the worlds or Frankenstein making his monster or being stuck inside a truck under the bonnet while it races around Silverstone….

Here is a link to just a short burst of what an MRI sounds like. So how the f*** could anyone experience chills listening to music with that going on ?

Always be suspicious of academics and what they study! Me included.

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