Groundhog Days

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I’m glad I live in today’s modern enlightened times, aren’t you? I shudder to think what it must have been like back in the bad old days. Back when families didn’t sit round the telly on a Sunday all watching the same show, or further back when there were few coppers and gangs armed with knives marauded the streets; or further back still when there were very few printed books, when you couldn’t go to a shop and buy music, when trade unions had no power and people worked for slave wages with no security of employment, under the rule of racketeer billionaire businessmen who bribed politicians rather than pay taxes, when only the privileged few could afford to own their own home, when a good education was for Tom Brown not for Joe Schmo; or when we looked to the East with fear, when America was ablaze with racial tension and the mindless killing of black people, when mighty industrialists sent out polluting, choking smoke and gases into the atmosphere, poisoning the poor in big overcrowded cities, when the rich dined on caviar and fresh veg in their country estates while the poor queued up in soup kitchens for handouts from well-meaning middle class volunteers, when millions of dispossessed families were split up as they fled persecution to look for salvation in a new land, when Jews in Britain were persecuted, even by the political elite and poles, arabs and Chinese were told to get back where they bloody came from. Yes, thank goodness those days are long gone.

… er … hang on a minute … let me look at that list again …