You can't do it on your own

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On December 17th 2010 my family and I will go to Buckingham Palace as part of an extraordinary day.

I will be presented to The Queen and given a medal for my good works.

Since the announcement of this Honour in June I have been quite overwhelmed with sincere good wishes and compliments from all over the world. It’s enough to make someone pretty pleased and proud of themselves.

My first thought was how I wished that my mum and dad could have been here to witness public recognition of their disabled son making good. My second thought was of the words I have spoken so many times to artists, singers, writers and technicians in my own industry. “Success is a team effort. Keep the team together and acknowledge their part in your success”.

Shelley, who has supported me through thick and thin, came forward with an idea to host a celebration of the ‘Big Day’…and this is my chance to acknowledge a group of 30 people without whom I honestly would not have anything to write home about.

I am blessed with lovely friends all over the world but those who are celebrating with me on the 17th are those and only those who have truly stepped forward and given me their hands and helped me walk the line. The few who cannot be there are just as special.

Thanks to each and every one.

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