Where is the cutting edge in music?

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We take it for granted that movies, novels, plays, visual art will challenge us, will go right to the margins of what is accepted and acceptable taste. They will make us think, they will challenge our beliefs, they will push the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable.

Some will find them outrageous. Some will find them pornographic, seditious, anarchic, revolting, downright obscene.

But it all forms part of the guts of art. Part of what makes it relevant.

So what has rock and pop and soul and R&B got to contribute to all this? Where are the albums, the singles which are pushing out the boundaries of acceptable taste. Where is the intelligentsia suggesting revolution, redefining the moral boundaries, pushing the intellectual moral political and social argument?

Answer: conspicuous by it’s absence. I have a strong feeling that the best of the young thinkers and creators who may well be musical are not choosing music. They are choosing graffiti, visual art, video making, blogging and so on to use all four corners of their imagination, their ability and their willingness to challenge.

I have found one guy who is taking on that challenge. He is writing about revenge, despair, obsessional love. The music backdrop makes you want to send the tracks to David Lynch not Simon Cowell. The great beauty is that not just the majors would run screaming from the idea of taking on someone this controversial – a cracked genius – but even the indies who are much more conventional than they would like us to think, would not dare stick their necks out on a limb.

This is not about arthouse... some over serious worthy Scandinavian woman knitting her own yogurt and singing to the accompaniment of a hand made elk harp, or worthy Bulgarians singing quarter tones or Afro-beats wannabe David Guettas. This is about strong, bitter, nasty, over the top, controversial visceral music. The Hieronymus Bosch of recording; the Martin Amis of the CD, The Ken Russel of song….I’ve found one and I challenge anyone in our industry to take him on. Pussies.

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