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For the last year or so commercials on UK TV have adopted a pet style of music behind the images. If I had to give the genre a name it would be ‘naïve childlike simplistic acoustic nonsense’.

A girl singing as if she were 12 years old, accompanied by either one-finger piano or two chords played by someone who picked up their first guitar a month ago, or by little sugar plum fairy bells.

Everything – banks, insurance, low fat spread, Christmas – you name it, it’s now sold by back to basics nursery rhyme music.

Does this signify focus groups at work deciding we are all suffering from arrested development? Or is there perhaps a subliminal understanding that deep down we are all sick of technology and so lots of beats and driving hi-tec music [so popular in advertising over the last decade] won’t encourage us to put our hands in our pockets any more?

I doubt the latter, judging by the way people insist on telling me about their ipad or iphone.

Anyway, I am signing up the nearest 5-year-old with a ukulele in her hand and setting her up at a microphone to do the next Labour Party political broadcast. It can’t fail.

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