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Eye clinic endless eye clinic and my identity crisis in Ealing

What a f...kin day in the heat ... 7 hours strapped to gadgets, injected, given electric shock, scanned, glued to a chair while lights flash back and forth up and down... And no progress in the last month except more pain but hey I signed up to this didn't I? Must have been bonkers!

Nothing changes the fact that before this I hadn't seen anything and I mean anything in 25 years. Now with the implant turned on I get a throb in the temple and a flashing light in my visual cortex – that's the brain to you – which corresponds to where the light source in the room is exactly. Ten years ago or even five years ago even the most optimistic ophthalmologist would have said 'you're dreaming'. So roll on ten years and imagine...

Meanwhile tomorrow I have more pressing problems. The annual VIP day at the summer showcase of The University of West London. I am Honorary Prof of Commercial Music at the London College of Music which was absorbed by UWL. I am also there as a VIP in my capacity as trustee of Creative & Cultural Skills, the sector skills council which decides on curricula for all FE and now HE colleges...

But I am also a musician. No that's not right! I am first and foremost a musician...

So of course the big issue... what to wear!!!!!

Always a problem. On the one hand a respectable academic and a representative/director of the government... on the other hand an axe wielding, anti-establishment, pathfinding hippy and self-confessed style guru!

Suit white shirt and sober tie on the top half, jeans and scruffy trainers on the bottom half?

Aw shucks... I'm going for casual it's too darned hot. Slacks [good old fashioned word that] African shirt not tucked in and black lightweight jacket with fancy detail on the lapels I think and colourful shoes... last year I stood next to a splendid woman at least 10 years older than me in a beret and a purple jump suit so I'm feeling confident.

Of course because I'm ridiculously pernickety about food my glam escort Caroline and I will stand around for 45 minutes afterwards at the reception with Aro going 'goats cheese and salmon? Beef canape? Egg and tomato? Quail and horseradish?' and me going 'no thanks, no thanks, no thanks, no thanks' and then going off for a curry!

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