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And so it goes on. The music sector harasses governments the world over for years complaining about piracy and illegal filesharing. They lobby and harass for years over copyright term extension on sound recordings. They lobby and harass the US government to get paid when their works are played on radio.

However, recording artists have for 40 years been in a liberal trap. They have to be seen as anti-establishment. This is not because the consumer gives a monkeys what Thom Yorke or Bono think about anything whatever. It’s that the mentality of an artist means that everything has to be about them and they need to feel the whole world is watching them and listening to them.

So now, just as governments in the UK, France, Ireland, the US, Sweden….you name it….are beginning to show some concrete support for artists and how they get paid, so the artists come out united against Peter Mandelson and any other ‘establishment’ figure, no matter what they are putting forward.

Is it any surprise that Alan Johnson said in his address to PPL this summer ‘The music industry does not have a lobbying voice that is taken seriously by government’.

As there doesn’t seem any mileage in trying to earn a living as an artist any more, maybe we could all go into the circus? Stabbing yourself in the back while playing the guitar is quite a feat!

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