Twelve Thoughts for Christmas 2016

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Each year I look for an angle. A dozen thoughts to tempt you to think. It’s often more than a little hypocritical. These are never things I have wholly or in some cases even partly conquered. They are not often things I’ve literally sworn by. But they are always things which come out of my imagination, my experience, my deep private thoughts - and in each one of them, I hope, there is a tiny grain of truth, enough to make you slightly cock your head to one side, smile and say “maybe there is something in this for me”.

I gave up meat and discovered food

I gave up sex and discovered love

I gave up drink and discovered fun

I gave up travel and discovered leisure

I gave up pride and discovered friendship

I gave up makeup and discovered beauty

I gave up fashion and discovered class

I gave up parties and discovered pleasure

I gave up my car and discovered nature

I gave up shopping and discovered value

I gave up thinking and discovered doing

I gave up analysis and discovered who I am

And one for luck...

I gave up I and discovered you.

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