To Endure in the Music Industry . . .

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I receive mail from all kinds of people every week. I am very happy to get this feedback from all around the world. The most frequent enquiry is a request that I listen to some music and either pass constructive comments or suggest a way up the career ladder. I try to listen to as much as I can but I do advise folks who write in that I personally always regarded my music making as something I have to do every day and not as a series of career moves. I suppose the X Factor and other shows characterise the career path as the one to take. The trouble is I can’t think of a single act who broke through in this way and who has endured and grown into a global career artist. Ironic.

I suspect that to achieve this you need to connect with normal people not just cool people or TV viewers and to cross borders you need the songs and the charisma. To endure, you need to speak to a generation in a way that makes a difference to how they feel. You cannot do this by following the market. You have to create your own market by dedication, endurance, skill, desire, uniqueness and having something to say.

Short termism is based on a gimmick. The Wombles, Bay City Rollers, Subo – all have a gimmick but all will eventually fade, often with catastrophic results to the ‘has-been’ in question.

So I don’t advise this as a useful way forward.

I don’t think U2, The Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd would ever have won a talent show. In fact I don’t think any of them would have been seen dead entering such a contest.

Food for thought?

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