The Press and Our MPs

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Far be it from me to add any more information to the Daily Telegraph cult murders of dozens of politicians – and I have no need or wish to defend the indefensible.

I’ve no problem with the public humiliation of public figures who break serious laws [and I don’t mean parking fines] such as Geoffrey Archer.

However I thought I might share my various musings as they have come to me over the last few weeks in the hope of hearing from some of you.

In no particular order:

Is it not sad that a free press do not have anyone out their criticising them? Have we ever seen one editor savage another? Have we ever seen one paper honestly describe the phoney morality of their rivals?

Did any of us ever ever imagine that it would be The Daily Telegraph of all papers who would choose the moment we need strong government the most, to pull us out of the fire, to systematically tear it to pieces?

Is there a single journalist on a national paper who has not fiddled their expenses? Have they ever been publicly humiliated and exposed?

Do we really believe that forcing dozens of public servants onto the scrapheap [how will a defrocked MP ever ever get another job] is a trifle excessive in terms of revenge?

Is the press’ way of working with public figures really encouraging people to step forward into the hard light of responsibility? Just off the top of my head….David Blunket, Glen Hoddle, Jeremy Thorpe, Max Mosley, Edwina Curry, Cherie Blair, Barrymore, the late Robin Cook, Amy Winehouse … none of these people actually committed any crime but the press completely destroyed them.

Would any of us feel good about a 90 hour week, running two homes, commuting 1,000 miles per week, paying for a full time assistant or two, child care and four days per week eating out on what would be left of £60,000….very little I think…

Might it not be an idea to provide safe accommodation in a purpose-built block, close to Parliament, with feeds from the chambers and select committees, provide a secretary chosen independently, give them the cash back for their fares, provide food in Portcullis House, pay them a proper salary, stop the country being run by cabinet with back benchers as cannon fodder [this does not happen abroad] and get in some great people?


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