That Magic Moment

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Not everyone believes me when I tell them that working on an artist’s first record and watching it ‘happen’ is absolutely the best thing. This week another saga in The Miller’s tale unfolded to my huge pleasure.

On Tuesday I got a phone call from Pola, a young Polish singer who’s record I had co-written and produced with the wonderful Ned Bigham [he of D’Influence and the first guy to record Amy Winehouse]. The call was to tell me that her first single had crashed into the Polish airplay chart at No2. There is something about that moment when an artist sees their name in print, above U2, Beyonce and Duffy, that it all becomes real to them. This is probably the greatest moment for them – and for me too. It’s like watching your child get their degree or something, it’s just indescribably proud and satisfying.

Pola approached me via this website two years ago with a dream and a bunch of very simple little demos. At first I was not sure there was anything to be done. Then three things happened.

First I heard something in the voice that made me know that if a lot of people heard that voice they would love it. You’re either born with that or you aren’t. Boy George had it, Sade had it, Tracey Thorn had it…and Pola had it.

The second thing I heard was determination, ambition, single mindedness and self-belief.

The third thing that happened is that I started ‘producing’ her music in my mind without being paid and without being asked to.

Those are the things which made me start a process which has led us to this lovely moment.

It CAN still happen.

Robin Millar

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