Taking it personally

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It is said that creative people feel things very deeply. That is true.

However, the implication is that non-creatives do not feel things as deeply. That is not true.it’s about the gift of communicating those deep feelings to the wider world. If the wider world did not have those feelings they would not respond emotionally to creative work. The reason they respond is that they most certainly do have very deep feelings but it is the art or the artist who has unlocked the steel cage in which they may be permanently or temporarily locked away.

There is one difficulty and it comes in the form of personal relationships between creatives and others. creative writing whether poetry prose or song is the cumulative outpouring of every experience, new or second hand, that the writer has. Writers use their friends, their families, strangers and their loved ones as fuel to the flame of their creative output. They have to. Writers may tell you’ ‘it’s amazing, these songs are just plucked out of the air’. That’s not at all accurate. They are in their as cumulative emotional experience churning away in the writer’s interior furnace until a trigger of some sort organises them into cogent thoughts and words.

So the problem? The problem is that a creative writer’s opposite number will invariably look for the personal statement about the relationship or about the writer or about themselves in every line, every phrase, every word.

So Danny writes a poem. It’s about lost love. the narrator pines for the shared pleasure of sun baked clay and rough wine and walking in the hills, then laying down and making love among the mimosa.

Danny’s wife does not recall any such incident and immediately her hackles rise and she wonders ‘who is this bitch? I’ll have her throat out!’

In fact the lover, the co respondant, the secret other person who is cuckolding Danny’s partner is Danny’s imagination. Danny is no more likely nor any less likely to take a lover than is his significant other. In fact, as a retaliatory act for the wrongly conceived infidelity, she may shag the electrician or her plastic surgeon.

I’m hoping at this point that every self respecting feminist and gay reader of this piece has their hackles up and their nails extended at my use of a clearly biased example of male creator and female non creative disgruntled flat-fronted ignorant victim … see, I told you!

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