Self Belief

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I went to the Brits this year at their kind invitation. It was great to get a recognition that producers of nominated albums are part of the success so thank you Brits for that.

What I was thinking about is self-belief. So much is written and said about the importance of self-belief that the flipside inevitably is now seen as truth i.e. that a lack of self-belief is a terminal obstacle to happiness i.e. success.

At the Brit Awards, Liam Gallagher picked up his award, shouted ‘Oasis are the best f***ing band in the world, threw his award and microphone into the crowd and sauntered off. Lady Gaga gave a nice speech and thanked her team. However everything about her address and her – er – dress spoke of unremitting self-belief bordering on self-obsession.

And yet

Over the time I’ve been involved with very successful people I have found the full range of self-confidence, from the overweaning overwhelming tide that is the none the less lovely Madonna, to the shyest, most self-deprecating Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, Catherine De Neuve, Francoise Hardy, or Alison Moyet.

Self-belief is fine and it may help you along through the bad times but don’t in any way feel that because you don’t think you light up the world that you cannot do so.

Robin Millar

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