Relative Values?

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Here are some stats:

2,300 killed on UK roads so far this year, over 600 murders in the UK so far this year. 2,100 died of MRSA or C. Difficile in England last year.

Every day in ~England, mothers and fathers beg for attention after the murder of their child. Every day in England, mothers and fathers fight for changes in the law after their children die on the roads.

Yesterday 100 killed in Lebanon, 500 in Palestine, 200 in Yemen, Friday 129 killed in Paris, 43 in Bagdhad. 3 weeks ago 250 Russians murdered on a plane, 95 killed in Turkey, 2,000 killed in Nigeria in a single attack earlier this year, 3,000 migrants drowned trying to cross the Med so far this year, 400,000 murdered in Syria this year,

5 years ago 1.5 million murdered in Iraq.

What suddenly seems to us now as a clear and present danger is how millions of our fellow-men, women and children live every day every week every year.

Since the Paris attacks, we are suddenly galvanised. We are working day and night to protect ourselves.that is the right thing to do. We mourn those killed in Paris last Friday. That is certainly the right thing to do … but we give voice to those among us who demonise and want to use Paris as the excuse to divide, fear and hate. We tolerate bias and hysteria in our coverage in a way that fans the flames of war. Shut our borders, punish whole nations with curfew, exclude all foreigners if they aren’t here and round them up if they are here, restrict our travel, bomb the places they might be hiding.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say that is probably not the right thing to do.

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