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George Michael made an album. It was called ‘Older’. Maybe he’s growing up, we thought. It was the best album he’d made since ‘Faith’ and maybe in fact the best album yet?

But George didn’t grow up. And he didn’t get happier. Maybe older wasn’t old enough.

I’m going to quote liberally now … to cheer up my demographic silver foxes cougars and young folks with minds as old as the hills and wisdom beyond their years …

You get happier over 50
You might be content at 18 but according to research it all goes downhill until you hit 50, then the older you get the happier you are.

Researchers found happiness decreased progressively from 18 to 50 and then went back up.

You’re wiser
As you get older you’re more effective at dealing with social conflicts.

Researchers at the University of Michigan presented “Dear Abby” letters to 200 people and asked what advice they would give for a study in 2010.

Subjects in their 60s were better than younger ones at thinking of multiple resolutions and suggesting compromises.             

Robin says: Asia recognises this. American indians recognise this. The UK kicks out everyone over 45 from positions of responsibility. What’s that about?

You have fewer regrets

You’re less likely to be susceptible to regret as you get older, according to a German study.
The findings showed that older people were less likely than younger people to fixate on regret.

Robin says: we can just forgive and get over it.

You’re a Superboomer
Getting older now is better than it has been for previous generations.
The over-50s today are generally wealthier, healthier and more active than their predecessors and have been dubbed the Superboomers.

Robin says: and with property prices the way they are, how on earth do younger people find anywhere to live at all?

You’re business-savvy
The over-50s group has the highest proportion of the self-employed and the best success rate. One in five people aged over 50 has their own business and 70 per cent of their start-ups survive at least five years, whereas 28 per cent of new firms with younger bosses last that long.

Robin says: that’s because they’ve all been sacked because the perception is they are over the hill … clearly proven statistically to be wholly inaccurate.

Older beauty is being recognised
Although modelling is often a young person’s game – now some of the classic older beauties are being used in ad campaigns with more mature looks being celebrated.
Actress Jessica Lange, who is 65, became the face of Marc Jacobs’ beauty campaign in February, Charlotte Rampling fronts the NARS campaign at 68 and Aussie supermodel Elle Macpherson is 50 but showed she’s still The Body after she posted a pic of herself in a bikini on Twitter last month.

Robin says: and so say all of us. Older women have always turned me on, even when I was a teenager … now they’re even better.

You have more knowledge
Older people’s brains may be slower but that’s because they’ve stored more information so are actually more powerful, according to scientists.
Robin says: What was that again?

You’ll feel younger
Younger people may feel their true age or even older but oldies tend to feel a lot younger than they really are. The Pew Research Center study on Growing Old in America found 60 per cent of over-65s feel younger, with a third feeling 10 to 19 years younger than their real age.

Robin says: Damn right, especially if you take the pills.

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