I’m getting really confused here

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As ever I like to check out what is happening at the sharp end of the marketing push behind the latest artists. So via Youtube or Spotify I trawl through the offerings from Pixie Lot, Ellie Goulding, Jamie Woon and the rest.

What I find is a dozen tracks. Not a dozen songs but 8 or 9 entirely different mixes of one song and 3 or 4 of another. Varying from acoustic guitar, pop-rock, house, grime, R&B … sometimes the whole vocal, sometimes a few lines in long echo spins, sometimes heavily autotuned and sometimes not.

My confusion is that I can’t find the artist in all this. I like remixes, I like – no I love – electronic music and in fact I often prefer the remixes to the acoustic tracks, which I am assuming are the starting point for the artists own efforts.

My question is: how do you evaluate an artist’s talent rather than their image and are you only as good as your choice of remixer? And if so shouldn’t it be the remixers getting the credit not the artist?


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