Hung Parliaments

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We are standing on the edge of the abyss….or are we?

The UK voters have decided they do not like any one of our political parties enough to put them in charge. At least one third of us voted for something different.

So whether they like it or not at least two of them will have to make some concessions to others and find a common way. Consensus politics! Unheard of.

And yet….isn‘t it better to take a broader view of politics, life and dreams than to have a one-dimensional collection of mores clouding clear judgement? For me I’m all for it.

The parallel with the music industry is clear. We currently have four major labels obsessed with pop, radio play, autotune and remixes. The album is dead, piracy is killing us etc.

And yet….

Over one third of all music sales go to the independent sector. An eclectic mix of passions, styles and deep feelings….not market-driven, not celebrity-driven but music driven.

So why won’t our major labels realise that 38% of the population of music buyers don’t like what they do? Why don’t they embrace this huge part of the market by broadening their horizons and set up a parallel operation which actually respects what good creative artists want to do, support them, cherish them and put them out there with passion, modesty and hope?

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