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fear; less.

not to worry
whatever happens; i'll handle it.

take more and more risks to expand my comfort zone.
take a risk every day.
i am creating a wonderful life.
my higher self will always tell me the truth.
my lower self will lie.
i have so much to look forward to.
say yes.
there are many people who love me

make friendly friends. think what they are doing for my growth and choose carefully.
life is what actually happens when you had made other plans.

lighten up.

nothing is really that important;

caring busy laughing kind actively supporting relationship. with a positive person

involved and fulfilling career with people around who are rewarding. i want to help others.

relaxed and loving argumentless family. tell them i love them and support them. encourage them to take risks.

peace of mind and serenity and laughter by spiritual growth.
keep reading Deepak Chopra
keep learning new skills.

positive friends.to give and get mutual help. go after them and stay away from the neggies.

peace of mind and serenity and laughter by contribution ; give more than i get.

alone time

fun and laughter and intellectual stimulation and physical effort in playtime.. think about this and do something alone.

don't let any one thing take up too much emotional space. . if i do then it will show and cause the very thing i fear.

commit fully. to each when the time is here. never wish i was somewhere else.

concentrate on giving;. not just exchanging. give time; money; praise; thanks;
call one friend a day to let them know i am thinking about them.

end each day thinking of the good things, including being alive;
1. who can i talk to about this decision.
2. get information.
3. soul searching; what are my priorities here?
4. inner wisdom; what is my gut feeling?
then decide;

let go of the outcome.
make no lose decisions . . . i can't lose whatever the outcome.

whatever happens as a result of my decision; i'll handle it.

if i feel stuck in a situation.
1. dig out the real reasons i e my fear of making the change.
2. my friends may no more about the situation than i do. ask them.
3. then weigh up the prose and cons.
remember i may not be ready. be patient.

35 things for which i am truly grateful
my brain
my looks
my charm
my mum
my dad
my son
my daughter
my physical shape
my creativity
my penis
my eyes

my university
joni mitchell
miles davis
oscar wilde
the guitar
living in comfort and safety
Beryl Markham
my cat

viktor frankl
Deepak Chopra
stefane audron

the piano inventor
the radio
the audio book
the computer

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