Doing the Right Thing

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So here we are one week before the World Cup and our second choice England Captain has picked up a needless knee injury and is out. Now Fabio has selected Stephen Gerard as Captain No 3.

The problem for the England manager seems to be that, despite the fact that his – and everyone else’s – first choice Captain is there, fit and well… but he demoted John Terry over the adverse publicity surrounding Wayne Bridge and his girlfriend.

However, surely the bigger problem is that we not only have a depleted England defence, we have a guy who plays badly when Captain and is being played out of position. What matters here is not points of principle, it is surely maximising our chances of winning is it not?

Sometimes a real grown up is the person who can swallow his pride, reverse his view and make the right choice. Fabio is doubtless concerned that by reinstating Terry he might open the floodgates of insubordination within the team? Hardly. He left out Theo Walcott only two weeks ago for bad attitude. No-one doubts Fabio’s strong hand. What we doubt is his ability to do the right thing when it counts.

There is a clear music business analogy here. When Terra Firma took over EMI they sacked Tony Wadsworth, the man who brought Coldplay, Radio Head, Blurr and countless others to the label and kept them creative and kept them sweet. Since tony’s departure a flood of big selling acts have left the company….Radio Head, Macca, Queen, The Stones and on and on.

Is it not now time for EMI to do the right thing and reinstate Tony for the good of the whole company and to show modesty, care and a feel for the creatives? Is it not now time for Fabio to do the right thing and reinstate John Terry for the good of the whole England team?

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