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I am not a compulsive broadcast viewer or listener. I’m choosy. I love my movies and there are a lot of awful ones.

I’m also not a great one for a day off. However today I woke early, listened to the cricket from India, checked out the producer of The Deer Hunter and Blade Runner [two of my heavy favourite films] on Desert island Discs Radio, listened to my beloved Spurs hold ManchesterUnited to a draw and finally tuned in to the BBC Sports personality Of The Year.

Why am I mentioning all this? Because it made me realise something important. .

For years I have been wondering if I am just a killjoy. I feel a band who break up after a hit album due to dope and laziness should try working in an office where they hate some of their colleagues for a while. I feel when an artist has a hit record and then sacs their producer, their manager, their band, their cowriter and their fan club secretary saying they want more control that they should look at the stats as they head down the drain like all the others who took that approach and they should wonder why every Olympian and Formula 1 champion and Oscar Winner thank their team.

It’s a question of seriousness of intent to me. Film Producer Michael Deeley spent his supposed pre-university summer as an assistant film editor and said ‘this is what I want to do’….why? Because, he said, of just how seriously everyone took their creative work.

For some reason commercial music has adopted a mindset of easy winnings, do little and earn loads, abuse your record label, shit on your band and go on a huge ego trip.

Of course dull boring people make dull boring records and the records that change a generation’s thinking are often made by those on the margins….but are they any more special really than Wayne Rooney or Lewis Hamilton or Ewan MacGregor? No they are not, they are just indulged.

This is the one and only reason why a part of me is glad that the digital revolution has hit us in the face like an earthmover. It’s a wake up call to record executives who don’t know their craft, to record producers who don’t know their craft and to singers and musicians who watch X Factor and think all they have to do is show up and the rest will follow.

Music and movies and sport can and should be fun, entertaining and controversial. The people who make it [and I include the stars] can do all this but still be dedicated, hard working, loyal, harmonious, team players and driven.

And we will all have a lot to learn however long we do it and however well we seem to be doing.

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