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Platitudes are all over the media at the moment, so here are a couple more:

When you’re in the asylum, it’s not just hard to tell the warders from the inmates, it’s even hard to tell if you yourself are mad.

The problem with borders in a desert is that shifting sands wipe away the frontiers.

I like the second one. You can think you are in the safety of a benign democratic and humane state. Actually, step by step and without realising, you have strayed across the line into a treacherous totalitarian regime. This regime hates anyone foreign - and they are after your blood. “how did we end up here?” you cry.

The National Socialists in Germany thrived on the unrest, unemployment and rapidly declining living standards following an expensive and unsuccessful war. The party knew that Germans needed someone to blame and they targeted non Germans with different ethnicity as the cause of the problems. Get rid of them and make Germany for the German people. They are taking our jobs, filling our schools, plotting a wholesale takeover.

The global crash of 1929 played right into their hands. They gradually gained mind control of an impoverished desperate population. They did not win a majority in 1932 or 1933 but entered a coalition with a crucial balance of power. Amazingly, Von Hindenberg, the leader of the largest party, allowed Hitler to be named Chancellor. One year later he graduated to Dictator – incredibly, following a referendum … even that word gives me the creeps at the moment.

If you had asked a German in 1924 whether in ten years there would be a Dictator in Germany winning a referendum on a policy of mass extermination I doubt many would have believed it. “no we just need to control their numbers and prioritise Germans” they would say.

Incrementally ‘controlling’ Jewish people became imprisoning men and putting the women to work, then imprisoning everyone including children, then eliminating the problem by killing the men, then deciding it was best to kill the women as well – then you are left with the children, who will grow up hating Nazism and fermenting revolution so, to be on the safe side, kill the children as well.

If you know German people you will know they are lovely. They were lovely back then. They were poor, very poor, they were fearful … and the wrong man came along at the wrong time. He looked like an ordinary guy. He said he spoke for ordinary people and was not like those lying posturing politicians. He was the ordinary Joe in the beer keller.

There is one week to go before our election. More importantly there are five years until 2020 and one man is on a mission.

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