Tracey Thorn

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Tracey ThornOne of the things the public doesn’t really think about is that singers don’t just go into a studio, sing the song through once and go home. They do endless takes of each line of each song and we spend hours compiling the best bits like a jigsaw. Unless you are Tracey Thorn of course.

Tracey would come into the studio, put down her Chekhov play she was reading, go up to the microphone and sing a song with devastating ease, commitment and accuracy. ‘was that ok? I’ll get back to my book then’.

The other thing is that her speaking voice and her singing voice are so different even her mother doesn’t believe she really does the singing on her records.

Tracey has a new Christmas album out ‘Tinsel & Light’. Simple, acoustic, no beats, no processing, Ben on 8 of the 12 tracks. Absolutely terrific…and she’s singing high as well!

Tracey’s ability to embrace topics outside of her experience and give them authenticity is still spellbinding.

Click here to visit Tracey's official website.