Randy Crawford

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Randy CrawfordTwo American legendary producers picked me up one under each arm ‘We’re takin’ you to lunch boy’
‘What did I do?’
‘Hell, three producers who worked with Randy Crawford - and lived!’

I went to the lunch and listened with sadness at their horror stories. I had nothing to say at the end except ‘Well I thought she was great and she asked me to marry her a couple of weeks ago’ This stunned the Americans into embarrassed silence.

It was true that Randy had whimsically but persistently proposed to me over the second part of the recording but I had gamely resisted and really Randy is a wonderful girl and a wonderful singer. She is one of the greats.

Interesting she had never had American R&B hits before working with me. She was really pleased that she could walk down a street in LA and a black woman would go up and say ‘Hey cool sister, I love your track’. I’m pleased about that.