Michelle Pfeiffer

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Michelle is the next door neighbour of Bob Clearmountain [what a great name]. Bob is the guy who mixes ALL the big stars records and consequently lives in a fab house in a private road in LA...but I have one over on Bob because I was working with Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart and we went to visit Bob at home to see if we wanted to use his studio for mixing...Bob was a young studio assistant yonks ago when The Dead came to work at Power Station and he idolised Mickey so it rubbed off. Hence I get the invites to Bob's swanky barbecues.

So I'm in the garden with Sherri from MCA and I say 'so who's here?'...

Sherri looks around and says 'well, there's Michelle Pfeiffer over there chatting to Sharon Stone'.

'That's where I want to be right now! Take me over'.

Good old Sherri...she won't do it but grabs Alan Parsons who is an old mate and says 'take dog on heat here to meet Michelle and Sharon please'.

Alan obliges and like the gent he is makes the introduction and leaves me standing between the two of them.

First thing is to very casually dial Shelley's number on the mobile to share the experience. Shelley is a marvel about that sort of thing...'jolly good' she says. 'Well done Alan'.

So after 5 minutes Sharon doesn't want to hang out with this blind guy and stalks off. Michelle on the other hand is a sweetheart. We chat about life, her adopted kids, getting older as a female actor, Bob and his lovely wife Betty...and when I say 'give me a hand to find the bathroom please' she isn't phased at all...what a doll!

There's a great Hollywood biography by Robert Evans called 'The Kid Stays In The Picture'. In the foreword he says 'I'd rather clean toilets than work with Sharon Stone again'.

I'll buy that.