Ive Mendes

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Ive MendesIve [pronounced Evie] . . . well my girlfriend Shelley is one of the most beautiful women in the world and so says everyone who meets her. I mean everyone, men and women alike.

Well shelley says that Ive is the most beautiful woman she has ever seen in the flesh.

I went with Ive to Charing Cross road to use my influence to get her 20% off some recording equipment. As I stood there with her arm in arm the guy in the shop said dreamily ‘if I can have your mobile number I will give you 75% discount – sorry mate I’m sure you understand’

This is a more or less daily occurrence. The only other time I’ve quite known this is when I used to go out around town paris or London with Jenna de Rosnay and people in restaurants would stop eating when we walked in. Jenna was Hawaiian and the reigning world windsurfing champ – 5 foot eleven of physical perfection. My friend Wasis says she was in love with me but he’s a kind of wind-up friend.

Oh yes, Ive – what a voice, what a woman. I really love Ive like a dad does and will always help her. She is fragile but strong like fine china. She is hot but she is shy. We all love her. You can buy her album at Amazon and she is on my album Kiss & Tell on the track ‘New Wave’.

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