Alison Moyet

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Alison MoyetYou know how wrong you can be about someone? Well it’s something I have to deal with in my business all the time. My reputation goes before me. People in the business think of Robin Millar like a brand name - Skoda, Mercedes, Triang, whatever . . . these preconceptions are burdens you have to get over when you meet people ‘oh I’d heard you were really tough to work with’ etc etc.

I had fallen into this trap before I met Alison. For some reason I had put her in the ‘difficult feisty perpetually pre-menstrual dog in a manger’ person.

So when she first came to the studio I was cautious. So she did everything to make me at ease. How wrong can you be. First of all this is the real deal as a singer. We started with piano and vocal rehearsing. Boy o boy what a pleasure. If Alison had been on the Titanic no one would have left the dining room. God she is bright as well. Really bright. And very very attractive. So now you know. Check out her version of ‘windmills’ [such a corny song] on the voices for Darfur album.